Marble is formed from limestone by heat and pressure in the earth’s crust. These forces cause the limestone to change in texture and makeup. This process is called recrystallization. Fossilized materials in the limestone, along with its original carbonate minerals, recrystallise and form large, coarse grains of calcite. Impurities present in the limestone during recrystallization, affect the mineral composition of the marble that forms. The minerals that result from impurities give marble wide variety of colours. The purest calcite marble is white. Marble containing hematite has a reddish colour. Marble that has limonite is yellow, and marble with serpentine is green.

Marble is a reasonably strong and durable natural stone. The texture of marble depends on the form; size and uniformity of grains and the element components of marble determine the colour of the stone.

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Marble Type & Finishes

Marble is removed from the earth in large blocks before it is cut into what can be recognized as travertine tile. After the marble is quarried, it is strictly selected for color variances. Beyond the selection process, the marble may be subject to any of the following processes:

Honed Marble

Satin smooth surface with little or no gloss; recommended for residential and commercial floors.

Polished Marble

Glossy surface, which brings out the full color and character of the marble; it is not generally recommended for exterior use, or commercial floors.

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Marble Sizes Available

Marble Blocks: Min: 120 x 120 x 240. Max: 180 x 190 x 290

Marble Slabs: Min: 240cm x 120cm up to 300cm x 160cm in 2cm, 3cm thickness. Marble Tiles: Any required size

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Applications Marble

Marble is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It has become an increasingly popular choice for countertops, flooring, fireplaces, foyers, bars, tables, showers, wall cladding and windows. Its graceful style, ability to reflect light, and ease of cleaning, and ease of processing have made it the stone of choice amongst the elite.