Marble Stone Data

Marble Stone Data

Marble is a metamorphic rock made out of limestone. When limestone is subjected to tremendous pressure for a long time (like if limestone is buried under a lot of other rock or an ocean) it gets squashed into marble. Marble possesses a lot of properties due to which it remains one the most popular natural building materials:

Convenience of Processing of Iran Marble

Marble is easily polished. It is viscous and strong enough, therefore it does not break at once, allowing cutting products of various forms. Durability of Iran MarbleThe first signs of marble ageing appear only after 100-150 years.

Water Resistance of Iran Marble

Water absorption factor of marble is low (0.08-0.12 %), so it can be used for finishing of bathrooms, pools, fountains.

Frost Resistance of Iran Marble

Marble practically does not absorb moisture — therefore, there will be no micro cracks from liquid freezing under low temperatures. Products of marble can be used safely in cold premises.

Thermostability of Iran Marble

Heat does not influence on marble, so it can be used for fireplaces or to finishing of premises, where temperatures essentially exceed usual temperature.