Stone Finishes

Stone Finishes

Polished Stone Tiles The majority of people will know that polished stone means a stone with a high gloss and that tumbled stones tend to have a more rustic appearance. There is slightly more to the finish of tiles than this though.

Polished stones have to be denser and harder than many of their counterpart stones so that they can take a polish. Any tile that is made from polished stone will have straight edges that often have slightly beveled edges, perfect square corners, as well as a finish that has been ground to create a high sheen. Stone tiles that are polished will fit together tightly, needing little grout between them. They can be used for any wall or floor application. You need to take care with polished stone to make sure that the finish does not dull or etch over time.

Filled Stone

Tiles Filling stone is a process applied predominantly to travertine. This is when the small holes on the surface of the material are filled with a similar coloured resin.

Hones Stone

Tiles Stone that is honed shares many of the same characteristics as stone that is polished. Stone that is honed will also have edges that are straight and slightly beveled, again meaning that the honed stone tiles can be fitted closely together. Honed stone does not have a high gloss finish like polished stone: it has more of a flat or matte finish.

Tumbled Stone

Tiles Tumbled stone tiles have quite literally been tumbled. Tumbled stone tiles have been placed into a large drum, which often has some kind of debris in it, such as rocks, and is tumbled. The results of this process are chips, missing corners, worn edges and a soft surface to the tiles. This produces a more rustic look. Tumbled stone tiles then have their backs ground down to allow for an easier application. When they are installed they need a wide grout joint to allow for their uneven edges to be accommodated. Calibrated During this stage, the stone slab’s surface is worked down to a relatively uniform thickness across the length of the material.

Brushed Finish

Brushed Features a worn-down look achieved by brushing the surface of the stone, simulating natural wear over time.

Acid-Washed Finish

An acid-washed finish is shiny with small etching marks (pits in the surface). This finish shows fewer scratches and is much more rustic in appearance than a honed finish. Most stones can be acid-washed but the most common are marble and limestone. Acid washing is also a way to soften the shine on granite.

Abrasive Finish

A flat non-reflective surface finish. Recommended for exterior use.